Let's Look At Things From a Different Perspective.

Site Progress

TAG will routinely monitor work at your construction sites, helping to make the process more efficient, provide sharpened management of resources, reducing downtime, and keep your site running smoothly, safely, and on schedule. 


Land Surveying & Mapping

Mapping is a cost-effective alternative to traditional surveying.


TAG will accurately track, manage, and measure stockpile volumes while helping you eliminate unnecessary inventory, cut down cost and labor-intensive processes.

Mining & Quarries

Accurate site surveys improves blast results and reduces drilling and blasting costs.

TAG can target minerals and aggregate materials, map deposit sites, track mining equipment, and monitor stock piles.




TAG can show you the structural integrity no matter what the site conditions and minimize the risk involved. 

- Thermal conditions

- Crane Inspections

- Pipe Line Inspections

- Wind Turbine Inspections

- Bridge Inspections

- Roof Inspections

- Insurance Claims


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Real Estate Agents: 

TAG adds to your marketing process by providing you with high quality video and pictures of the property from all angles.


TAG can provide views of the property, then typical ground base photography.

We can show you what views may look like for your clients from different levels of the building before it is even built.

We can gather information such as: spec homes, determine elevations, environmental analysis, and overviews of your vision from potential designs to site designs.


TAG will allow your investors to see every inch of the property and identify any risks.

We can check surrounding area for amenities, view traffic patterns, and look at mechanical equipment on rooftops. 




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Water Efficiency

Thermal cameras are able to detect well-watered areas within the field as well as dry zones.


Crop Health

TAG can collect plant height measurements, indicate which plants are healthy and reaching max sunlight. Predict your crop yields and crop quality. 

Images will also show an excess of nutrients and where fertilizer may be needed.



Drones can improve management planning, detect pest and disease, and provide volume, tree heights, and over all conditions.